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About Winjit Technologies

“Invincible technology, Invincible you”

Winjit technology is India’s leading provider of innovative engineering solutions. Founded in 2004, Winjit  started as a summer internship project in entrepreneurship by two IT graduates Abhijit Junagade and Ashwin Kandoi in picturesque town of  Nashik which gained its recognition as an engineering technology company and marked its presence in several other countries such as US, UK, Australia, South Africa and Singapore.

Since its inception, Winjit has built and expanded its expertise in latest trending technologies including Internet of Thing (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning, Fintech services, Product engineering and Digital publishing. We provide end-to-end solutions from conceptualization and optimization to providing real-time solutions by developing software systems for any business is our forte.

Winjit’s R&D team derive motivation from solving real-time problems for longer run with the ability to scale-up. Over the past decade, our expert team of engineering professionals have provided innovative technology and engineering solutions that has resulted in world-class recognition and long standing customers.

Meet our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers and strategists

Ashwin K

Ashwin K

Director & Co-Founder

Ashwin is a Chartered Accountant by education but more of a tech evangelist at heart. He realized his avid interest in technology at a very young age and thus co-founded Winjit Technologies with childhood friend Abhijit. He is the driving force behind Winjit’s innovations.

Abhijit J

Abhijit J

Director & Founder

Abhijit has an MBA from Nirma University, Ahmadabad and a B. Tech in Computer Systems from OLA Vancouver, Canada. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial approach, he co-founded Winjit with Ashwin. Abhijit is the chief impetus behind Winjit’s operations and business development.

Vignesh I

Vignesh I

Vice President Sales

Vignesh did his computer engineering and later his MBA. Having experience of 7+ years in finance and technology industry, Vignesh is primarily involved in working with enterprises for their mobile app strategy and spearheading the international business expansion at Winjit.