What is Conference Box ?

Conference Box is a portable app store is a single repository providing easy access to digital documents, maps , floor plans and videos without connecting to the internet also allowing the user to conduct conference on the go.

Why Conference Box ?

  • Real time documents update 
  • Initiate and moderate discussion forum 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Internet can be provided on option
  • Instant personal messaging feature available 
  • Analytics 
  • High speed downloading 
  • Data on the go

Conference box caters to standard and customized requirements around documents and related information for conferences and meetings. Being powered by high end WiFi, it also enables conferences to work with minimal internet connectivity.

This multipurpose utility box consists of the following components:

  • The Conference box enables users to connect without having to depend on internet
  • This box can store different types of digital content like documents, videos, other forms of media
  • This is also act as communication device between different parties without having the need to have internet connections and in a highly secured manner
  • Conference box can be only accessed through Client App installed on the laptop, smartphone or tablet by which user can connect and download the content.
  • Is client App provides features of documents editing and collaborations with their colleagues

Here is some more feature list of conference box:

  • User have an access to different features of the conference box
  • The app supports the language options so that the user can select multi lingual user audience
  • User can access to conference documents in different formats and media like Video and Audio
  • Real time updates, alerts and notification will be sent to the users ‘ laptop, smartphones and tablets

Conference Box is very easy to setup and moderate platform for discussion forum and meetings. It is very easy to update any kind of document on the go for users of organisations or enterprises. Instant messaging features has provide Users to update the documents and data on the go.