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Enterprise Mobility Products

Enterprise Mobility is burgeoning at an enormous pace. It has become a challenge for growing organizations to tap the potential of this rapidly evolving technology. Mobile devices have come a long way from being used to communicate, check mails, send messages, etc.; to being a utilitarian device with seamless possibilities. This is made possible by the inception of mobile apps. We assist organizations by developing and implementing innovative mobile and Enterprise Mobility Products and Apps that cater to their organizational needs. Winjit’s Mobility Framework transforms business processes and increases operational efficiency and its integration with mobile application development methodology enables us to rapidly deploy solutions across mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry. This framework enables organizations to: Paperless solution for inventory management and recording sales

  • Increase sales through automation
  • Reduce cost of transaction
  • Increase productivity by notifications and alerts for approval process
  • Use mobility as a medium for brand building and connecting with customers
Solutions we offer


Embracing Enterprise Mobility, iNotify helps business to accelerate the document approval process by improving the overall process efficiency & productivity by facilitating workflow notification approvals using your Smartphone…Read more


iExpense is a one stop enterprise mobile solution that allows users to submit claim vouchers and travel expenses from the smartphones.  The module is integrated with….Read more


This native iPhone-iPad App helps businesses to speed up notification, approval and request creation for human resource. It provides an extensive array of integrated, global business applications that facilitate organizations to make excelling…Read more


Embracing Enterprise Mobility wholeheartedly, iShipping helps business to speed up the shipping process. This app accelerates the shipping process and hence helps the business to grow customer relationship….Read more


iReceiving compliments eBusiness Suite and helps business to speed up the receiving process. It provides ease to perform receiving transactions which facilitate organizations to make outstanding decisions, moderate costs, and upsurge performance…Read More


iCounting helps business to streamline the inventory counting within warehouse. App allows user to Schedule Cycle Count Request, View Cycle Counting details, Enter primary and/or secondary quantity against Count Entry, take action on Cycle Count Entry. …Read More


iAttach is a blend of different modules in Enterprise Mobility Applications where you can add attachments to its different entities from your smart phones. This App works seamlessly with E-Business Suite to allow user to add attachments to different entities such as Items and Expense Reports etc…Read More

Incident Management

Today Incident Management is important to keep track of activities of companies to identify, analyse and correct the database with latest updates of Inventory or Items  those are captured in Warehouses. Incident management is seen as the Service now and helps companies to define process for logging, recording and resolving Incidents..…Read more

Inventory Stock Check

Inventory stock check shows the user or customer how much stock is in the warehouse at that point of time.  An organisation or the enterprise should know the right amount of stock present in warehouse and ensure production if any kind of problems arises with the supply chain. This App also ensures that the monitory resources are not unnecessarily tied up in Inventory stock….Read More

Inventory Image Capture

Focusing on Inventory is an important part for any organisation or enterprise. By using Inventory Image Capture App, it is convenient way of accessing inventory item images. It easy for user to capture images and assign images to inventory items……Read more

Board Meeting

Board Meeting application equips your enterprise with you in a new way of organizing board meetings. Adopting Mobility has become mainstay for operating business. Board Meeting allows you to utilize power of mobility in business…..Read more

Winjit News Delivery System (WINDS) Framework

In the world of digital age, where content is created in tonnes and at the speed of light, having an effective ‘mobile first, cloud first’ strategy for news publishing firms has become imperative.  The current market solution tries to be too generic for a news publisher and combines it with a stack of other competitors thereby losing on the effective eyeballs……Read more