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About Winjit IoT GDM

What is Winjit IoT GDM®

Winjit IoT GDM empowers the development, deployment and management of smart & secure IoT Solutions connected with any cloud.

With flexibility to innovate and transform business at an economical cost with verticals focusing across multiple operating systems and protocols.

Winjit IoT GDM connects legacy system to current IoT infrastructure, networks, embedded systems and third party apps, which will transform your business with  innovations.

Winjit IoT GDM is quick to start, deploy and scalable.

Integrate existing data / systems with new data sources, innovate new business models and stay ahead of completion.

How this is possible? Simple, Capturing data with Winjit IoT GDM, analyze it with applications connected to your smart things via internet and mine this analyzed data for deeper insights and predict future outcomes.

A simple IoT gateway for your entire deployment of hardware + software + cloud.

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