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Winjit's Products, Platforms and Solutions

Winjit Technologies is a premier solution provider with expertise in various Products & Platforms. With over a decade of experience, we have engineered several products, providing enterprises with integrated business applications, optimizing business performance. With the advent of smart technology, we have proven  our capability in not only developing the software aspect but also rapidly developing products.

With a strong philosophy of developing products, Winjit addresses this challenge wherein it has developed a wide range of enterprise add on products that works in conjunction with the underlying Enterprise system.  These add ons are built specifically for various industry verticals and are supported to any software or mobile application.

Digital Storage box is a portable app store and is a single repository providing easy access to digital documents, maps , floor plans and videos without connecting to the internet also allowing the user to conduct conference on the go.Read more

Content is King but the kingdom has very few worth ruling! There is content and there is the demand. But all dependent on the currency called Internet. For many markets, where mobility is leading changes in….Read more

Conference box a new age invention which is a complete one stop solution for organisations and enterprises for conducting meetings in a paperless and secured manner….Read more

Moovah! The 1st digital tool that has bridged the gap between internet world and with the commuters directly anywhere, anytime while travelling in taxi or minibus. This is an App that provides free and fast internet connectivity, new digital content additionally deals, discounts of brands to commuters within the root of the taxi selected by the commuters…..Read more

Any enterprise package be it SAP, Oracle EBS, SAGE and Tally 9 ERP while implementing for any industrial vertical caters to 80% of the requirement.  There is an element of 20% that always requires customization…Read More