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Digital Media

Winjit Digital was established in the year 2013 when Abhishek Gureja, is now Director, moved from Times of India’s music label and set up this Digital Content business with Ashwin & Abhijit, who run Winjit Technologies’ Enterprise business.

With a young, dynamic & thriving population latching onto mobile phones and internet usage, the trio spotted the opportunity in the Indian content market. In the past two years Winjit Digital media has become one of the biggest content apps company. They were the first in India to get most of the music labels on board and started monetizing their content inventory through the medium of Apps. This was a win-win situation for the content owners as well as the audiences. Create unhindered access to great content for ‘free’ & still create a robust revenue stream.
The next big step in the journey was solving the problems of ‘News’. While traditional news organizations were experiencing a transition in the news reading habits of the masses on one hand, they were not equipped to handle technological challenges. This is where Winjit Digital helped solve the puzzle. With our technical know-how, we enabled news & media organizations to concentrate on their core business – News, and we took care of developing technologies for the readers to stay updated on the go. This was built on a unique model where Winjit took complete care of development and monetization of apps.  With our News delivery platform WINDS, today we are the ‘Most Preferred Technical Partners’ for news & media organizations. Winjit Digital is now concentrating on vernacular markets and believes there is a huge chunk of the population which will have their first brush with internet through the mobile, and they should be given the content they desire in their native languages. It is with this enthusiasm, they have started an endeavour to create large scale, popular in-house content under Winjit Digital Media Labs. The idea is to create IP for simple yet great content.

Winjit Digital over the next few years will be busy evangelizing the ‘Content on Mobility’ story for Indian audiences.

Segments we serve


Winjit is strong on content creation & licensing ranging from different topics like health and wellness, spirituality, kids content & entertainment.
Features :
• Strong partnerships with content owners.
• In house high end graphics & animation production.
• Content monetization strategies for content owners.

App Development 

Develop interactive mobile applications built around content. Winjit Digital Publishing solution has developed generic frameworks that allow different kinds of app designs & functionalities. Signature frameworks include :

• Music streaming
• Videos
• Games
• Karaoke
• Customer insight & tracking tools
• Strong analytical backend engine


With strong platform relations & social media strategy, Winjit distributes content to most possible monetization platforms. This is further leveraged by our use of digital mediums like YouTube, telecom operators and mobile advertisers.

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