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Winjit Games is a global gaming company working to make games which keep you happy. Right from working on new ideas, to the development of those ideas which involves a lot brainstorming and research involving different phases designing like World Designs, System Design, Content- Design, Level Design leads  to creating sketch to complete concept involving game dynamics we work to create AWESOME GAMES. Winjit Games has been redefining the nascent Indian gaming market with it’s amazing game concept which is global but still Desi. We have released the following games to date: Very Popular and hit game Bhaag modi Bhaag, Cracker Boom, Rajni Cricket, Simply Soccer and many more. Our recent foray into gaming has brought in some of the best reviews from the industry.  We work closely with various gaming content providers and enable them to develop a complete engaging gaming experience for the targeted audience.  We offer 3C advantage in gaming that includes

  • Content: Our understanding of content business helps to set up a strong framework for various modes of monetization
  • Concept: Content understanding and technology prowess helps us to innovate with unique concepts
  • Creative: Our in house animation team comes up with the best of standard creative story that gives life to the animated characters 

You can call our team ‘ The Game Evangelist’ who are fuelled with passion, creativity and vision to create  any game and make them ‘ THE GAME’

Check out some of our live and active titles

    Bhaag Modi Bhaag

Android  iOS

  Cracker Boom

              Android iOS

Rajni Cricket

              Android iOS

Santa’s Christmas Candy

              Android iOS

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