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A complete suite of offerings developed specially for NGOs and IGOs across the world. Winjit NGO Solution is a complete workflow management system that encompasses different process and integrates different department offerings. Management by objectives is a system that seeks to align employees’ goals with the goals of the organization. This ensures that everyone is clear about what they should be doing, and how that is beneficial to the whole organization. It is built on the five step process.

Segments we serve

Work Plan

a. Based on Objectives, Results, Outputs and Activities

b. Measurable Indicators are Results and Output levels

c. Each activity can be assigned to officer

d. Budget can be set for each output/ activity

e. Based on Logical Framework Matrix

Sub Activity Planning

a. Officers can plan their Sub Activities

b. Sub Activities are linked to outputs and hence aligned to the results and objectives

c. Budget requests specific to quarters and months can be made by officers

Fund Planning

a. Enables fund planning at Global, Regional and Project levels (3 level hierarchy)

b. Funding Matrix and Cash Flow Planning

c. Includes authorization of funds and obligations and expense tracking

d. Grid based and graphical reports


a. Result and Output based narrative reporting

b. Can be scheduled for different frequency (Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, Years, etc)

c. Consolidation of all reports submitted at different levels (Global, regional and project)

Cost Planning

a. Officers plan their costs and requirements for next planning period

b. Divided into Staff, Travel, Consultations, Grants, Equipment, etc. costs.

c. Consolidation at different levels.

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