Winjit is at the forefront of building autonomous machines and platforms that replicate intelligent cognitive behavior to help facilitate:

  • Efficient decision making based on patterns
  • Better human-machine interfaces
  • Build machine to machine communication systems

Our Offerings

Applying various data and schematic models in wide range of business processes on big data over cloud to the smaller dataset on the edge level and incorporate on-device machine learning.  

Machine Learning

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Winjit has been at the forefront in implementing advanced machine learning driven solutions for different verticals and sectors that are playing a pivotal role in various aspects of the business process. Winjit products and platforms for machine learning are built on cloud and deployed on Edge. Our platforms are built efficiently using best algorithms bundled with advanced data mining techniques that make the business process run efficiently.

Some of the areas where Winjit offers its expertise in machine learning include:

  • Data normalization and cleansing: Using advanced machine learning and noise reduction algorithms, Winjit offers solutions and platforms that provide real time data normalization and cleansing of different types and subsets of data and data streams coming from different sources before it is termed eligible or usable for further data processing and analytics.  
  • Compression techniques: With large data stream coming from different devices, Winjit has developed its proprietary software algorithms that provide real time compression based on patterns of the data that is processed in ‘near real time’ thereby providing optimization in the data management cost.
  • Smart security: Our machine learning platforms also finds humongous applications in the world of security wherein patterns are validated constantly to identify anomalies and raise flag.
  • Prediction and forecasting techniques: Based on some of the robust statistical models coupled with advanced software tools for machine learning, Winjit has implemented several prediction and forecasting models which finds its applications in the areas of commodity market, insurance and retail banking.

Computer Vision with Advanced Image Processing

New age real-time computer vision and advanced image processing solutions leverage advanced models of convolutional neural networks.  

  • Real-time object detection and tracking: With our advanced convolutional neural network is driven platform, Winjit offers a model that allows defining objects for real-time detection, tracking and initiating triggers. This includes the primary one dimensional, 2D and 3D based detection and tracking.
  • Document validation and verification: The solution aims to automate the manual process to validate and verify both standard and customized documents. The solution provides standard documents data-set pre-configured to be used right awayCustom documents can be uploaded as stencils and enabled in the verification library. The solution based on library definitions will verify the document and read the contents. Alerts and actions can be defined based on the verification and validations. The solution uses high-level OCR technology to read data from the images.
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  • Machine vision in assembly line automation:  Automate the process of inspection and verification on manufacturing assembly lineBased on the output object detection, the solution will either move the product further in the assembly line alerts are set based on the rules set for object, or product to be examined with closed box lighting conditions.
  • Human anatomy pose, and expression detection: Winjit offers solution to detect a peron through factors such as face, age, gender, emotion and position of the person (sitting, standing, running) etc with advanced cognitive services platforms that provide different sentimental analyses.
  • Augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality: With the advent of high end GPU on devices, augmented reality models are built wherein high quality 3D objects are superimposed in the realm of reality vision through camera.  Applying different advanced superimposing techniques, Winjit has developed a wide range of combination of augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality solutions in the areas of mining and industrial training.
  • Image matching: The solution enables searching and real time image matching for 2D planar objects like apparel to 3D objects like wooden blocks for real time comparison using different attributes that include shape, color, style, fabric, height and width.

Human to Machine and Machine to Machine Conversational Solutions

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Winjit turing machine framework allows enterprises to adopt interactive robotic automatic processes. It streamlines the routine tasks and applies high-end conversational technology, which replicate human-to-human, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine interactions. The process occurs through advanced natural language processing and advanced analytics that include sentimental and contextual analyses.

Winjit turing machine framework allows easy deployment and set up of conversational commerce across voice and text platforms to creative specialized assistants, which tightly integrates with enterprise systems.

These are ready to use templates where new intent and entities in NLP can be added. The platform supports third party API along with configuration of various digital channels

Some of the areas that find applications for Winjit turing machines include:

  • Interactive chatbots: Build interactive text and voice driven chatbots that provide an alternative and preferred medium of human to machine interaction besides the conventional WYSIWYG and touch interfaces.
  • RPA: Robotic process automation for mundane and repetitive tasks in the enterprise world wherein machines are programmed to handle other machine input tasks thereby leveraging a crude form of machine to machine interaction.  Typical areas include incident management for support portal.
  • Digital assistant: Beyond the consumer facing operations provided by the likes of Alexa, Cortana, Ok Google and Siri, our solutions built for Digital Assistants revolve around facilitating enterprise operations that involve submitting of time-sheets, expense vouchers and scheduling activities.

Case Studies