There has been a paradigm shift when we talk about finance today. With digitalization and innovation on the forefront, technology has completely taken over finance emanating a new emerging sector called fintech.

Organizations have used traditional banking for decades but with the advancement in technologies such as P2P lending and mobile first AI first approach and with the advent of decentralization and distributed ledgers the whole centralized system has taken a back seat.

Fintech would hoist business to business (B2B), business to consumers (B2C) and consumers. Apprehending with the current scenario, Winjit has entered this emerging new world of Fintech with broad offerings in several verticals. The idea is to grasp “how people transact” and innovate it with technological interventions thus pacing up with this explosive financial growth.

Blockchain based Distributed Ledger Solutions

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Great business models can be built on distributed ledgers when it comes to peer-to-peer management. The transactions could be recorded permanently and verified on cloud network. From SME’s to big industrial setups, distributed ledgers can find their application in every sector.

Decentralized financial system and distributed ledger has not only been adopted but being invested in by various enterprises. Winjit has embraced the blockchain based distributed ledgers as the most preferred technology for its clients with smart contracts.

We offer our core expertise in the following areas:

  • P2P based decentralized exchanges
  • Microfinance & lending
  • Digital record keeping
  • Royalty management
  • Distributed computing based solutions
  • Smart contract based transactions processing
  • Identity management
  • Supply chain management

Our team also provides extensive high end expertise in consulting on the best practices from a technology point view of adoption of blockchain components that include:

  • Deployment of smart contracts
  • Development of decentralized apps (DApps)
  • Development of sidechains for integrating multiple blockchains
  • API integration with conventional system and blockchain architecture


Cryptocurrency has taken financial system to the whole new level. Some of the most successful crypto coins built on blockchain technologies has brought a great challenge to the fiat or traditional currency. These are instant, decentralized with no geographical limitation.

Winjit, with its group of crypto experts and their humungous domain knowledge, devise a strategy for the client for better outcomes.

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Winjit offers consultancy in the following areas:

  • Cryptocurrency investments: Digital currencies shall soon be the most adopted payment system worldwide. With strong internal analysis by our experts, Winjit fabricates an effective business model that has an edge of technology. Cryptocurrency transactions are not bound to any compliance, have low processing fees and not governed by any central authority, thus; making it a perfect finance partner for our clients.
  • ICO consultancy: Initial coin offering (ICO) is an unregulated entity but a great way to raise crowd funding through crypto coins. Though it brings great possibilities with it, it is essential to take all security measures before making any investments. Winjit has finance experts on board that consult on the best practices that should be followed before investing or raising any legal tenders.
  • Integrating tokens with business model: With the possibilities of new business models emerging with crypto-coins and currencies and ensuring that it does not become just a speculative tool, Winjit team also has extensive experience of incorporating the right strategy of ‘tokens’ in the modern business models thereby leveraging the intrinsic tokens or asset backed tokens

Winjit Layered Banking Platform

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Digital transformation has embraced every sector and industry. Banking is one such sector where digitization has left a great impact. Connecting with customers and on-boarding them on a banking platform has never been so easy.

Winjit has been at the forefront of the digital strategy of banking corps working with its Layered Banking services. With the customer as the focal point, Winjit helps organizations integrate services seamlessly in the lives of customer with convenience, speed and personalization.

Winjit’s Layered Banking provides turnkey and customized solutions at every stage of the customer journey right from knowing your customers to providing various plugs to the enterprise service Bus. With bespoke application development at the core, Winjit provides various customer centric products that enhance your customer’s interaction with you digitally. Winjit can rapidly deploy applications that capture, learn and leverage data by

  • Unbundling and fragmentation of services
  • Customer on-boarding solutions
  • Digital transformation
  • Mass personalization solution

Accounting Solutions

Accounting is very crucial for any business or enterprise whether it’s for a small setup or a bigger organization. From taxation to corporate accounts and bookkeeping to payroll services, accounting does all. Keeping all the accounting hassles in mind, Winjit offer simple yet fast accounting solutions. It reduces the cost for the business operations and enhances the monitoring levels.

Winjit accounting products can be easily configured and compatible with different operating systems. While enterprises are focusing on their core capabilities, Winjit takes up the responsibility of handling accounts.

The organizations can run the product as per requirement. Incase of a SME’s, the owners can start with a beginner level for accounting and later customize with increasing operations. For bigger setups, a full-fledged solution can be incorporated.

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Some of our products include:

  • Micro-finance solution: A complete package that sits on top of any accounting product that facilitates a credit union functionality in a co-op setting and facilitates deposits and loans and micro payments.
  • Loan origination solution: An entire workflow process that facilitates transparent loan origination process and automated evaluation of loan application, evaluation and disbursement
  • Import costing: An essential tool in the logistics industry wherein different computations on the landed costing of a SKU is calculated efficiently and integrated with the book keeping software
  • Universal tax code: Our understanding of tax structures across the developed and developing economies has resulted in a global tax module that allows any accounting product to be easily adopted in any country thereby providing an access to greater acceptability.

BFSI & Insurtech Solutions

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A constant restructuring helps financial institutions and insurance firms to adapt to any micro and macro economic changes quickly. Winjit offers a complete service spectrum varying from small-scale solutions for SME’s to large-scale deployments for heavy industries. We at Winjit comprehend a business capability and thereafter customize a “product/service” centric solution.  

Strategizing the actions and complying with regulations helps us in delivering a great customer experience. We believe in fulfilling a client’s demand by improving their net profit margins and eliminating any weak base that an organization may have.

The market for any sector or business is highly competitive and there are several regulations to look for. An interactive digital 2.0 environment will engage more customers and build an award winning relationship, eventually developing trust & loyalty.

Winjit, thus, enhances capabilities of an organization with multi-modal learning and leveraging from the deep knowledge of thought leaders expertise.

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