Winjit believes in fostering innovation and transforming the future with engineering solutions. In the era of constant digital transformation of every industry, leveraging and engineering the latest technology tool to the optimum becomes a key aspect.

The business operations can be accelerated at a speed unimaginable with Winjit’s smart, secure and scalable solutions. Our engineering team has collaborated with renowned industry experts for implementing whitepapers and research work by creating next generation intuitive products through different forms of engineering.

Winjit builds strategy for enterprises and organizations to redefine their products by understanding the accomplishment of a product. It not only drives efficiency but enhance customer experience.

Our Offering

Winjit helps organizations to tap into new scalable opportunities and deploy tailor engineered business models. From innovating an idea to researching and eventually catering a developed product to its client is our forte. With domain expertise and our core offering, we have transformed several plants, products and services by introspecting and thereafter engineering a process that regulates the complete development cycle.

Winjit offers the following solutions for “ service based products”:

Ideation and Incubation

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With every complication comes a solution. There are hundreds of ideologies that surrounds us but we may not be the best judge of how to engineer a solution for it.  Well, let it be an idea or theory, Winjit runs an in-depth analysis to validate if it’s the right fit in the current ecosystem.

We have the adequate knowledge and a team of experts who can develop the product based on an individual’s vision and see its application in the real world. We incubate an idea and match it with the best technology available to justify the product demand.

UI and UX with Advanced Research

An idea can be powerful but if not developed and implemented in the right manner it may loose its significance. Winjit has access to various tools to run diagnostics. We have resources to bring out the best findings of “how a product will perform?” and “what capability a product has?” It will help a product run successfully on a competitive platform. Winjit helps a consumer figure outs the best industry where the product can perform. UI/UX is for delivering the best customer experience by customizing a product that is easy to use.

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Product Development

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Product development is like finding the right key for the lock. With a fine understanding of an idea and its application in the market, it’s very important to incorporate all these elements on a single platform. All the products are developed on open source thus, enabling the users to customize it as per their choice. Engineering experts at Winjit, fabricate the best solution by adopting the latest technology available.

Winjit also engineers software platforms for wide range of customers.  Our approach on adopting innovative techniques that provides constant value addition for the customers makes us the preferred choice for enterprises and businesses.

Winjit provides the following software solutions:

Enterprise mobility: Mobility is one of the most disruptive technologies in the modern world.  Winjit being one of the prominent players has developed more than 1200 enterprise and consumer apps that has played an important role in changing the dynamics of our customers’ business.  Areas where Winjit plays a key role through mobility include:

  • Using mobility to improve efficiency by reducing the time of a transaction
  • Using Mobility for decision making
  • Using mobility as a medium or channel for brands
  • Using mobility to increase sales and revenues

Web platform solutions: Winjit shall extend to its users a complete ecosystem that has powerful tools, technologies and secure servers. We as industry experts enable our clientele to build interactive solutions from the advanced form of Web 2.0 to the beginning stages of the new Web 3.0 ecosystem.

DevOps: Winjit develops development software for enterprises and corporates that emphasizes on communication and collaboration between product management, and operations that closely align with business objectives and operations. It has a high demand in various verticals of every industry.

Product Implementation

With enterprises needing to ensure immediate returns of investment in technology with the lowest total cost of ownership, Winjit facilitates end to end implementation of various enterprise products that include Microsoft technologies and office 365 suite, salesforce CRM and solutions built on force platform and developing enterprise solutions for accounting packages like SAGE, Quickbooks and XERO to full blown ERP based solutions for Oracle enterprise business suite. Our services include end to end process mapping, installation and training with custom development of these enterprise products.

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Support Services

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An after service is a must. Winjit believes in providing support to its client even after the product is deployed. We provide 24*7 technical assistance with hassle free communication to our domain experts.  Our support is a combination of automated agents which handle L1 support query to our highly trained and domain expert agents who provide advanced support to complement our machine agents.

Case Studies