With the advent of the mobile first world, Winjit has played a pivotal role in adoption of mobile as a media for brands and corporates. This has not only leveraged the reach for our customers and partners but also has brought in an additional source for revenue through innovative forms of monetization with minimal customer involvement.

The team of experienced professionals at Winjit build and implement a sophisticated application for business and enterprises that are extensible, scalable and robust.

Our team of developers and domain experts have drawn a great experience in all the major industries. Winjit has deployed around 1200 applications so far using various platforms such as Android and iOS. We have seen the technology growing from feature phones to smart phones which brings a capability in us to figure out the market demand.

Our Expertise

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With a strong background of technology driven by constant innovation – Winjit Digital offers a complete holistic platform that enables any organization to adopt digital marketing with its main asset.  

We build end-to-end solutions for app development from designing, implementing to integrating it on Android and iOS platforms.

Our team is driven by constant innovation where providing digital channels for marketing and branding is our forte. Our strategy is based on “content is the king, distribution the queen”. Distribution is based on new age technology where Winjit has a fair understanding of what and how content should be distributed based on demography, geography and genres.

Customer Centric Approach

Mobile application: Winjit takes complete responsibility of designing, implementing and integrating the mobile and web based application on Android and iOS platforms.

Digital channels: Winjit use digital channels such as YouTube and other streaming platforms for effective distribution and content packaging.

AI driven affiliate marketing: Winjit implements innovative media where conversational commerce can be driven by interactive chatbots and voice based digital assistant.

App monetization: Winjit is well-versed with both traditional (premium, paid, subscription oriented, operator billing and advertisement based) as well as alternate (applications) monetization strategies. We understand the business model and help our clients not only grow users through app but also generate a sustainable stream of revenues through them.

Content understanding: Winjit has in house digital content writers who have a fair understanding of the audience as well as the region. And with the plethora of apps that we have developed, we have enormous knowledge in terms of the content that appeals the users. We guide our partners to streamline their content and monetize it in the mobile ecosystem through intriguing apps.

SEO apps: Winjit has experienced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) members who have the skill to optimize app and increase its visibility in the mobile space. We develop content for applications with specific keywords that helps them hold ranking on first page of a search engine i.e. Google play.

Understanding user behavior: We have extensive understanding of user behaviour through our critical analysis of data points of over millions of users attached with us. Along with data analysis, we also have understanding of critical aspects of content that works effectively in vernacular languages in regional areas.

Inventory: An application should always be build by keeping a customer in mind. Winjit through it’s applications has generated millions of impressions globally. These connections enable us to target regions and reach out to extremely targeted users based on geo and demographics and run campaigns through CPA, CPI and CPC.

Social media: Winjit uses social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. for reaching the target audience through effective content along with videos and infographics.


Winjit is a pioneer in delivering digital marketing services in the industry.  We employ advanced methodologies and strategies along with engineering of automating platforms and products. Winjit has several flagship products that plays a key role for brands to effectively manage their diverse content.

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  • WINE: Winjit Notification Engine.
    WINE is a coherent platform that offers features like customizable notifications, notification scheduler and multi-lingual support. This personalized notification engine make this platform unique.
  • WICOM: Winjit Content Management system
    WICOM is a platform that facilitates the app owners to customize and organize their content dynamically from the central console as per market demand. This helps in reducing their dependency on content programming. Thus the content owners get flexibility and ease for content programming on an app level.
  • WINDS: Winjit News Delivery System
    WINDS cater the news apps. This is a one stop platform which makes the data management effortless, secure and quick for publication houses, both large and small.
  • OTT: Over the top.  
    Winjit is an industry expert in creating applications with large scale, end to end OTT platform featuring Live radio, Adaptive streaming for Audio & Video & Live TV. Our OTT frameworks can be customized to craft an OTT application on the top of it.


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We partner with organizations and provide our technical assistance to bring about change and innovation. We understand and implement the needs of our clients on revenue sharing basis and develop & strategize effective content. We also take responsibility of helping our clients monetise; which helps create a revenue stream and business module.

We belive in developing and nuturing industrial collaborations. We are proud partners with is Google Ad-Ex (Ad Exchange Partners). We ensure all our tech partners benefit through this esteemed alliance.






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